IPL 2020 is about to start

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This league of BCCI can be made in place of T20 World Cup.
Let us tell you that due to Corona,

IPL 2020 is about to start

The IPL was given a big boost after the situation came to the Contrail, it was a few days ahead to start the IPL 2020. But Corona’s havoc was so deep that the entire date went from here to there. The government had imposed a ban on going to the stadium until the situation was rectified.

Like it was going to be T20 World Cup after IPL in India. So, seeing this situation, BCCI is preparing for IPL instead of T20 World Cup, according to sources, this series can be done between October and November.

The T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia from 18 October to 15 November this year, while the IPL was to start from 29 March but due to Corona,

it was beaten indefinitely as you can tell that this series is a very popular series.

The BCCI of India would like to do it under any circumstances.
It is possible that the T20 Cup may be postponed due to the IPL. In the next month’s meeting, some of the chief executives of the ICC will decide on it.

Gaikwad also made a special comment on this issue.

Cricketer Khale does not play in the field. As cricket has been played till now, it will no longer be the same

Now Darshan will not be able to come to the stadium. In such a situation,
cricketers can have a lot of trouble to play because the enthusiasm that the cricketer has for the fans and the player also comes to the crease with the same enthusiasm and perform,

in such a situation it would be very difficult for the players to perform in the Khali Stadium.

It will be difficult for the players to accept this new game of cricket.
It takes about 6 months to restart cricket. Also, it is not a study that it took a day and then wrote it down.

You have to perform on the field and it will not be easy for anyone.

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